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Thinking while you try to have fun isn't always that enjoyable; and so God created the slot machine!A slot machine is a machine that uses loose change to gamble. It gets its name because of the chips with tiger patterns on it. Since Charlie Fey (Jzplay Com) invented the first commercial slot machine in 1895, slot machines quickly occupied bars, casinos, and even many retail stores, and became a stunner of real casinos and online game halls. Although slot machines are one of the simplest games in casinos, for operators, the slot machines lock  cannot be simple!

Since many slot machines currently use coins to start the operation of the game, if the locks used are not safe enough, it is easy to cause the cash in the slot machines to be stolen, causing property damage to the operator, and even damaging the internal structure of the slot machines. 
As an important tool for providing security protection for slot machines, the safety performance of slot machine locks requires our special attention, and it is very necessary to use locks with a higher security level. Next, MAKE will recommend several high-security, high-quality slot machine locks to you.

MK210 is a lock suitable for slot machines. This is a lock with a solid T-handle of anti-drilling steel rods, which can effectively prevent the slot machine from being pryed; at the same time, it is equipped with a high-security tubular key system, with more than 10,000 key combination, and the safety factor is higher than other slot machine locks. It fully meets your various needs.

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MAKE lock MK121, made of zinc alloy and copper, is durable. This lock uses a tubular key system. The key can be rotated 90°, so the unlocking experience is very smooth. MK121 contains 7 pins, which is higher in configuration than similar locks in the industry. This lock also has two types of key systems, 2 positions can control 2 switches, very convenient to use. In addition, you can also choose whether you need to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs. The anti-drilling steel balls will more effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It has advantages in R&D, manufacturing and service of gambling locks. It can meet various customer needs through independent research and development, ODM, OEM, and JDM. Among them, providing one-stop security solutions and product customization is the strength of Make. Make locks are of various types, comprehensive coverage, and good safety performance, which can fully meet your various needs. If you are interested in our gambling locks, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!