How to choose a high-quality ATM lock?

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ATM is a device that we usually use to go to the bank for deposit and withdrawal business. Although with the development of mobile payment, ATM is not as popular as it used to be. However, as an important auxiliary device for the financial institution that is indispensable at the moment, the bank, ATM is still an indispensable existence, and will continue to play its role in our daily life in the future, providing us with convenient and efficient services.

In life, maybe each of us can use an ATM machine, but we don't know much about its structure and how it operates safely. Generally speaking, the ATM is arranged in two layers, and the upper layer is equipped with a display, card reader, printer, etc. facing the user. At its lower level, it is a super thick safe weighing up to 300 pounds, which contains the most important cash box and computer host in the ATM machine. Because of the existence of safes, ATM machines require very high security, and we also need to equip them with high-security, high-quality ATM locks to ensure its safety.

The common locks used in ATM equipment are mostly tubular locks or flat locks. Due to the variety of these two locks and their different safety performances, they often make people dazzled when choosing. As a professional ATM Lock Manufacturers, we recommend to you several high-quality, high-security ATM locks suitable for ATM equipment.

Flat cam lock: M4 is a mini flat cam lock suitable for ATM machine, independently developed and designed by MAKE. M4—LOCK has a compact body with a minimum diameter of 10mm.The key combination reachs 46000, which is much higher than the locks of the same size on the market and the safety factor is higher, which is very suitable for ATM machines with high safety requirements. In addition, M4 also has a new key system design, and the unlocking experience is smooth; M4 can also be used as a master key system to facilitate the staff to manage and maintain the ATM machine.

Tubular lock: MK121 is made of zinc alloy and copper.Its key is a tubular key system and has good security performance.The unlocking experience is very smooth. MK121 contains 7 pins,the length of the locking bolt can be customized according to customer needs and equipped with anti-drilling steel balls, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.
The most distinctive feature of MK121 is that it has 2 positions to control 2 switches, and the key can be rotated 90°, which is more suitable for equipment with higher security requirements.

As an automatic deposit and withdrawal equipment commonly used by banks, it is very important to equip it with a safe and reliable lock. We provide you with a variety of high-performance, high-quality ATM locks. Of course, in addition to ATM machines, our locks can also be used in self-service terminal devices such as cash drawers, safes, vending machines, etc., and guard our daily
security line.