MAKE vending machine locks, make your self-service equipment safer

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In today's society, vending machines have been widely integrated into our lives. With the development of the times and the mobile Internet, vending machines provide us with vending services due to their convenience, safety, and other advantages, not only for every merchant, but also for every consumer. And these are inseparable from the security guarantee provided by the vending machine lock.
At present, many vending machines use unmanned sales, so how to ensure the safety of vending machine goods and equipment is a concern of many operators. Once  the vending machine lock lacks sufficient security, the vending machine can be easily pried, causing a certain loss to the merchant. In addition, some vending machines are often located outdoors and need to face the harsh environment of wind and sun, and we need to equip them with a high-security, high-quality vending machine lock.

We are a professional vending machine lock suppliers. Over the years, we has focused on designing to respond to the level of use and security required in self-service areas. At present, the vending machine locks produced by MAKE cover a variety of types such as American, Japanese, and European styles. They are not only mature in technology, but also safe and reliable. After long-term inspection in the market, they are well received by European and American markets.Nowadays,MAKE has rapidly grown into a professional provider of security solutions for vending machines.
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MK220 is an American vending machine lock, made of zinc alloy material, smooth as a mirror surface, simple and atmospheric appearance, highlighting the high-end grade.Equipped with a tubular key system, it can be locked by pushing the T-handle, which is convenient and fast. This lock can be replaced with different lock cores at different levels according to your requirements, and the anti-drilling steel ball is designed, so it is highly safe and can provide effective security for your self-service equipment. In addition, the universal key system of the lock itself is more convenient for the management and maintenance of the vending machine.

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