Is your cash box cam lock safe enough?

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As we all know, cash boxes are essential equipment for cash register systems in supermarkets, shopping malls and other places, and they are responsible for protecting property safety. At present, many cash boxes use cam locks. So, is the cash box cam lock safe? Can we fully protect the safety of our property?

As one of the most widely used security tools ,there are many types of cam locks. Therefore, if you want to equip the cash boxes with high-quality, high-security locks, we recommend that you start with the internal structure of the cam lock.According to the structure, the commonly used cam locks for cash boxes can be divided into flat cam lock, dimple cam lock and tubular cam lock.

1、Flat cam lock
For cash boxes of cash registers, flat cam locks are a good choice for general cash boxes. Because of its simple structure and low price, the flat cam lock can be easily installed in most cash registers. In addition, the lock is small in size and made of high-quality zinc alloy material, which is not easy to rust and has a long service life. 
In order to make this kind of lock more secure, we have upgraded the ordinary flat lock, and the safety performance has been further improved. Therefore, if you plan to buy a cost-effective lock for the cash register cash drawer, then please choose this type of lock.

2、Dimple cam lock
Dimple cam locks, are also commonly used locks for cash boxes. It uses multiple cylindrical parts with different heights to lock the lock cylinder. When the correct key is inserted, the lock springs are pushed to the same height, and the lock can be opened. MAKE’s dimple lock is equipped with dimple key system, It is especially suitable for devices such as cash registers and cash boxes that need to be opened frequently.

3、Tubular cam lock
For ATM cash boxes, tubular cam locks are more suitable locks. The tubular lock controls the opening of the lock through its internal structure. Its lock hole and key are both tubular and have a high safety factor.Our tubular cam lock can be made of 7 or 10 pins, and can be equipped with anti-drilling steel balls to prevent damage. In addition, the tubular cam lock also has a master key system, which makes it more convenient and worry-free when managing ATM machines.
Security is more important than anything else, which is why you must have the best cam lock to protect the cash boxes. Don't hesitate, just choose the above lock from MAKE, and you will never regret your decision.