Why do we use the push lock as a tablet lock?

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Tablet computer are valuable items in daily life, so the safety of it is very important. Especially for some tablet computer manufacturers or sellers, whether they are showing in the store or participating in an exhibition, the safety of the tablet computer is their top priority. In order to prevent theft, installing a security tablet lock for the tablet computer has become their basic protection measure.

The main purpose of the lock is to protect the safety of facilities and property. In order to protect the safety of the tablet computer, a variety of locks can achieve this purpose. So, Why do we use the push lock as a tablet lock?

 The exquisite and compact push lock is an important reason why we use it as a tablet safety lock. Since the push lock is generally small in size, it occupies a relatively small space during installation and does not affect the overall aesthetics.
Secondly, the opening of the push lock is more convenient. Sometimes, in order for customers to experience the tablet better, we will need to take the tablet out of the protective case. Therefore, this requires that the security lock installed for the tablet computer can be quickly opened. It is convenient to operate and is very suitable for the needs of tablet computer scenarios.
In addition to convenience, the push lock also meets the security needs of tablet lock. The push lock produced by MAKE is equipped with variety key systems. The spindle size can be customized according to customer requirements, and the safety performance is greatly improved. 
Among them, the push lock surface equipped with a tubular key system can be designed with anti-drilling steel balls, which can effectively prevent the lock from damage and technical opening.
We, Xiamen MAKE Security Technology, have many years of production and research and development experience in the field of tablet locks. MAKE push locks are of high quality and cost-effective, which can makes your tablet computer safe anywhere. If you want to know more, please call the hotline 0592-6360091 or leave us a message on the official website!