note! Your vertical advertising player needs a "safe" kiosk lock

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With the continuous improvement of safety and stability requirements, many vertical advertising machines have used safe and reliable kiosk locks to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


Currently, many businesses put the security of the vertical advertising machine on software data and other aspects, while ignoring the physical security of the vertical advertising machine. Since most of the vertical advertising machines are used in public places, especially in places with dense human traffic, it needs us to provide adequate security. In the security guarantee of the vertical advertising machine, the existence of the kiosk lock plays a very important role and can provide security guarantee for it 24 hours a day. 

The guide provided by MAKE will help you further understand the kiosk locks used in the vertical advertising machine and their functions and advantages.
Pin tumbler lock is a kind of lock widely used in vertical advertising machine. When the correct key is inserted, the gap between the upper and lower marbles will be aligned with the gap between the inner and outer cylinders, and the inner cylinder can be rotated at this time.

With the advancement of technology, the security structure of the current pin tumbler lock has been greatly improved, thereby greatly improving the security performance of the lock. MAKE pin tumbler lock adopts a double-row double-sided pinball design, which greatly enhances the safety factor.

Since the vertical advertising machine runs in public places for a long time, it is most likely to accumulate dust and dirt, which not only affects its appearance, but also has great harm to the performance of the machine. It requires frequent maintenance by the operator and needs to be opened from time to time. MAKE pin tumbler lock is equipped with a high security dimple key system, which allows users to unlock the lock very smoothly.

In addition, if your vertical advertisement is set up in the open air, you need to choose a lock with waterproof, moisture-proof, high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature resistance. Our pin tumbler lock is made of zinc alloy, which is durable and can avoid problems such as rust and corrosion.

MAKE kiosk lock is the best choice for your advertising machine.