Makelocks——We ensure the safety of your vending machine

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With the advancement of modern technology and the development of mobile payment, the "unmanned retail" model has attracted the attention of more and more businesses.In some countries and regions, "unmanned convenience stores", "unmanned supermarkets", and "unmanned pickup points" are constantly emerging. Vending machines have also entered airports, subway stations and shopping malls, which greatly facilitates people's lives. All of this is actually inseparable from the security provided by the vending machine locks.

Take Japan as an example. During the peak period, there were more than 5.6 million vending machines in Japan, about one for every 23 people, and the number announced by the Japan Vending Machine Industry Association in 2018 still exceeded 4.23 million, which can be regarded as the country with the highest density of vending machines in the world.

However, while it brings us more convenient life needs, the safety of the self-service vending machine lock is also an important part that cannot be ignored.
After all, in the composition of self-service vending machines, some of the main equipment for consumers to purchase goods and pay occupy an important position in the control center of the entire system. Once stolen, it will bring great losses to the merchants. So, how to protect the safety of these devices?

As a professional provider of vending machine security solutions, we are committed to the design and research and development of vending machine locks, and launched a series of high-quality and high-security vending machine lock products to meet customer needs。
Our vending machine locks incorporate American, Japanese and European design styles, and a variety of high-end locks are tailored for self-service vending systems and facilities. At the same time, we can configure lock cylinders of different structures according to customers' requirements for security levels, such as tubular structure, double-sided marble structure and Abloy structure, with diverse varieties, safe and reliable.

 While focusing on the field of self-service vending machines, we have also expanded many application fields such as game consoles, electromechanical equipment, advertising machines, ATM machines, etc., to provide effective security guarantees for vending machines. If you decide to buy the vending machine locks , please contact us!