High security electronic safe lock

• Keypad unlock
• Two user codes ( user code, manager code)
• Wrong Entry Penalty
• low battery alert.

Information :

Electronic safe lock is one of the new products developed by MAKE. It has electronic keys to unlock the lock and long battery life. Equipped with two-level management system, with low-voltage alarm, memory function, and reset function.

 Product Description
 Name   High security electronic safe locks
 Material  Zinc alloy 
 Power Supply  9v alkaline battery
 Standby current  ≤50uA
 Battery life span  Above one year
 Standby life span  Above  three years
 Two level code  manage code, user code
 Open with time delay  time Delay opening from 0~99 minutes 
 Battery box  Drawer type battery box design
 Applicaton  This product is mainly used in safes, gun cabinets and so on.

Product picture

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