Founded in 2010, MAKE is a leading manufacturer in locking system for terminal equipments including cash management, ATM, vending machine,
           kiosk solution, etc. By providing one-stop security solution from designing to 
manufacturing for clients worldwide.
           MAKE believes that innovation is vital to a company's developing and standing forefront of industry. So we set up own R&D team at the beginning
           and develop it to a team with over 50 engineers, continuing to invest innovation 
with state-of-the-art technologies. By now, we've obtained 389
           international and domestic patents.

           Quality is the mainstay of MAKE. We have a full range of production line including Die-casting workshop, Punching workshop, CNC workshop,and
           Assembly workshop, etc. Every production process is under strict quality control as 
per ISO9001:2015, enabling us to give customers with high
           quality locks.

     MAIN MARKET       

            With decades experience in security locking industry, MAKE enjoys a good reputation and customer market among the world over 80 countries.