Keyless thumb turn cam lock MK407-8

• Triangle cam lock
• Convenient to open and close
• Different insert shape for selection
• Very popular in train/bus industry.

Information :

China Cabinet T-handle cam lock manufacturer , 90 degree (1/4 turn) rotation to lock/unlock.  Nickel finish zinc alloy housing and handle.  Includes hex nut, cam nut and cam.

Product Description
 Name  Keyless thumb turn cam lock MK407-8
 Material  Zinc alloy
 Finished  bright chrome,nickle
 Rotation  90 degree,Clockwise
 Mechanism  Pin
 Applicaton  Metal/wooden cabinet,lockers, cash boxes, mail boxes, tool boxes,furniture cabinets
   Network Cabinet, vending machines, intellectualized terminal equipments ,pay phone
   Safety box,coffer,showcase,vehicle,trailer,kiosk,gun stock,train,parking meter etc… 

Product picture

Keyless thumb turn cam lock MK407-8