2020 Guangzhou Exhibition——Unmanned retail is back, and vending machine locks attract attention !

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From August 3rd to 5th, 2020, we participated in the 2020 Guangzhou International Self-service Vending System and Facilities Expo. We brought some latest mid-to-high-end vending machine locks to the exhibition site, which was favored by all exhibitors.


With the maturity of emerging technologies such as “AI’and mobile payment, and the penetration of unmanned retail concepts, vending machines have become widely known as a type of sales ,developed into a new type of commercial retail.


During the COVID-19, the special scene advantages of unmanned retail were fully utilized, and vending machines also ushered  in new development opportunities. Vending machine locks naturally attracted attention due to the identity of the “goalkeeper” of vending machines at this exhibition.

As a professional provider of security solutions for vending machines, we incorporates American, Japanese and European design styles to tailor a variety of high-end locks for self-service vending systems and facilities.

The lock cylinders of different structures can be configured according to the customer's requirements for security levels, including tubular key cylinder, dimple key cylinder and disc key cylinder, with diverse varieties ,safe and reliable.
As the exhibition is in full swing, customers come to visit MAKE vending machine locks in an endless stream. Our staff enthusiastically explained the characteristics and advantages of the vending machine locks to visitors, and provided everyone with a suitable customer solution.