What is an electric dead bolt lock?

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With the continuous increase of security requirements, electric dead bolt locks have become a revolutionary force in the field of locking systems, and are widely used in access control and vending machine equipment.

The electric dead bolt lock is an electronically controlled lock, which drives the extension or retraction of the "bolt" through the on and off of the current to achieve the function of locking or opening the door, and can easily realize remote control and automatic operation.

electric dead bolt lock 
Q: What is the working principle of the electric mortise lock?
Electric dead bolt locks usually consist of an electromagnet and a lock body. When current passes through the electromagnet, it generates a magnetic field that moves the mechanical components inside the lock body, disengaging the locking device and allowing the door to open. When the current is disconnected, the lock body re-locks and the door closes.

electric dead bolt lock 
Q: What are the advantages of electric dead bolt locks?
Security: Electric dead bolt  locks usually have high security and are difficult to be opened illegally.
Signal output: Some electric dead bolt lock systems can output door status signals, effectively satisfying security monitoring and intelligent control access control.
Convenient remote control: The opening and closing of the lock can be remotely controlled through the electronic system or the access control switch.
Automated operation: It can be integrated with other security systems, such as access control systems, security systems, to achieve automated door control.

Q: In what scenarios can electric dead bolt locks be applied?
Electric dead bolt locks are widely used in various places, including residences, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. It can also be used on vending machine such as heavy cabinets and retail cabinets.

Q: Does the electric dead bolt lock only need to have a power supply?
of course not! For safety reasons, electric dead bolt locks are usually equipped with a backup unlocking method in case of power failure or other emergencies. Alternate unlocking methods may include physical keys, panic buttons, or code entry, among others.

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