The protector of the ATM machine“heart”——MAKE mechanical safe lock

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In today's daily life, the use of ATM machines is already very common. It helps you make deposits, withdrawals, and bill payment and other self-service transactions, and solves many urgent needs.ATM machines have brought convenience to everyone's lives, but what followed is that various criminals began to use their brains and continue to attack ATMs, so that the safety of ATM machines is not guaranteed.
When it comes to the security protection of an ATM, nothing is more valuable than its safe.There are two safes in ATM machines: one is used to store cash, and the other is used to provide cash withdrawal. These two places where large amounts of cash are stored are often the primary targets of criminals.Therefore, while upgrading the security of the ATM, it is also necessary to equip mechanical safe locks !
 Mechanical safe locks are the most common type. However, ordinary mechanical locks often cannot meet the needs of financial equipment such as ATM machines. Both the materials used and the security level of the lock cylinders urgently need to be upgraded.

As an independent and innovative lock manufacturer in China, MAKE Security Technology has independently developed a high-security, high-quality patented lock-M3, which effectively provides security for ATM machines.

M3 is a small high-security cam lock, with 16 million key combination, high security performance,, so it is easier to be accepted by the market.With a new key system design, it can truly realize anti-pry, anti-drilling and anti-technical opening; at the same time, it can be used as a master key system to facilitate the management of ATM safes. These advantages have also allowed M3 to obtain a number of international patents.

An ATM safe is comparable to a human heart, and it is very important to equip it with a safe and reliable lock. We provide you with a variety of high-performance, high-security mechanical safe locks to lock the daily security line of defense for ATM safes!