How does the small size tubular lock achieve safety protection

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In today's society, smart terminal devices have been widely used in our lives.While it is widely used, nothing is more important than its safety.Therefore, for the sake of safety, you need to choose a suitable lock to provide security for the smart terminal device. The small size tubular locks are a good choice.

The small size tubular lock is an industrial lock commonly used in smart terminal equipment. It has a unique structure, large density of key combination, medium anti-technical opening and damage opening performance, and can be used in places with slightly higher requirements.MAKE tubular locks include 4pins ,7 pins and 10 pins to meet your different security needs. 

The small size tubular lock MK101BS is a typical representative of MAKE tubular locks.It has a compact shape and is made of high-quality zinc alloy material. The surface is treated with multiple special processes such as bright chromium and nickel. The lock body is as mirror-like and has a delicate touch. Equipped with a high-security tubular key system, with tens of thousands of key combination, safe and reliable.The lock itself has a master key system, and different devices can be opened by the master key, which greatly facilitates the management and maintenance of smart terminal devices.

Some small size tubular lock MK101BS can realize functions:
• Master key system available
• Different function lengths for selection
• Pin tumbler lock, mini size lock
• With a wide application in small boxes, monitor sever etc.

In addition to the above functions, we can also install anti-drilling steel balls to make this tubular lock have higher anti-theft and anti-pry performance, and increase the service life.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology is a professional comprehensive service provider of locks in China. The company realizes solutions and product customization through OEM/ODM/OJM, etc., to meet the various needs of customers.MAKE provides different types of locks such as small size tubular cam locks and tubular push locks. Please contact us if you need them.