With MAKE cash box lock, make the cash register system more secure

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Today, whether you open a supermarket or a convenience store, you must prepare a complete set of cashier system.The cashier system helps us manage stores and merchants more quickly.We need to be careful when choosing the cash register system. After all, it is a long-term device. For example, the choice of the cash box lock is very important in the cash register system.
The cash box is an important part of the cash collection system, which is used to store the cash .So,the cash box lock is our last security line in the daily checkout process. After all, if it can not keep it, our previous work is invalid. In the usual choice of money box lock, we mostly focus on its security. In the usual choice of money box lock, we mostly focus on its security.But in fact, security is not the only consideration of the cash box lock. The quality, unlocking experience and durability should be considered comprehensively when we choose . Today we recommend MAKE’s dimple cam lock to you.
Dimple cam locks, are also commonly used locks for cash boxes. It uses multiple cylindrical parts with different heights to lock the lock cylinder. When the correct key is inserted, the lock springs are pushed to the same height, and the lock can be opened. MAKE’s dimple lock is equipped with dimple key system, and the key adopts a double-sided counterbore design, which makes it easy to plug and unplug. It is especially suitable for devices such as cash registers and cash boxes that need to be opened frequently.

As a company that has been intensively engaged in the lock industry for more than ten years, we have always attached great importance to the design and development of high-quality cash-box locks, and has continuously increased investment in R&D funds and advanced production equipment. At present, we have a series of high-quality, high-security locks, such as patent locks ,dimple locks and other locks that can provide effective security for your cash register!