What cam locks can be used in slot machines?

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Slot machines are called one-armed bandits for a reason. They are designed to take your money in small doses, so the casino owners can buy more slot machines and build bigger casinos. 


With the increase in slot machines, you may ask yourself this question: how to manage so many slot machines?For a person operating a slot machine, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the slot machine can allow the gambler to always indulge in the world of the slot machine, allowing himself to earn more money.How to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the slot machine? An important way is to install a high-security cam lock , in order to seek the equipment to provide more returns for himself.

Cam lock is a very common or even a bit ordinary lock. It has a variety of types, high and low security levels, when choosing a cam lock as a slot machine lock, you need to choose carefully, because this will continue to affect your slot machine equipment. So, what are the
 cam locks that can be used in slot machines? We will provide you with sincere and reliable advice.



MK104BL is a falt key cam lock that can be used in slot machine equipment. This flat key cam lock is made of zinc alloy material, with a sleek and small appearance, over 200 key combinations or key alike.

This lock is not much different from other flat key cam locks. The main highlight is that it can be customized according to customer needs. Customers can choose different lengths to enhance the adaptability of the lock and slot machine equipment.



MK121 is also suitable for slot machines.This lock uses a tubular key system. The key can be rotated 90°, so the unlocking experience is very smooth. MK121 contains 7 pins, which is higher in configuration than similar locks in the industry. This lock also has two types of key systems, 2 positions can control 2 switches, very convenient to use. In addition, you can also choose whether you need to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs. The anti-drilling steel balls will more effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

God created slot machines to let people find happiness, and casinos are responsible for keeping this happiness alive. Choosing a suitable and safe slot machine lock will not only make people more addicted, but also make the casinos more profitable!So, do you want to make the casino's slot machines return more? Then contact us as soon as possible!