Look ! Here is a magic slot machine lock~

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When we travel in some places, it is a pleasure to experience a slot machine in a casino.The dazzling lights, crisp sounds and powerful vibrations constantly stir your nerves. Everything is designed to lure you to play.

As slot machine games become more and more popular, in order to obtain higher profits, operators tend to expand the scale and add more slot machines.However, with the increase in slot machine equipment, how to manage these equipment?

Don't worry, maybe MK116B lock can help you solve this trouble!

MK116B is a series of tubular key code changeable cam lock. There are 4 models in total, namely MK116BS/ MK116BM/ MK116BL/ MK116BXL.

Like most cam locks, MK116B is also made of zinc alloy. The surface is treated with bright chromium and bright nickel. The material is hard, smooth as a mirror, and full of metallic luster.The key adopts a tubular key system, with anti-drilling steel balls installed on the top, which is structurally safe and anti-theft and anti-drilling.

From the appearance, you may think this lock is nothing special, but it can really bring you convenience.The uniqueness of this lock is that it has one change key and eight different combination user keys.

We all know that in some medium or large casinos, the number of slot machines is very large and it is very inconvenient to manage. For example, the management of slot machine lock keys is very time-consuming and laborious.

 MK116B can manage eight locks with one management key, which brings convenience to the management of slot machines.At the same time, the magic lock management key can also give the equipment manager the management authority by adjusting the key combination.If adjust code 1, it should be use with key1 only. And then on...

In addition, the adjustment of the key combination of MK116B is also very convenient and fast. When the lock is in the installed state, the key combination can be adjusted at any time, and outsiders cannot identify which key is used to unlock the lock. Therefore, it is safe to use.

Do you want to make your slot machine better managed? Then hurry up and use this slot machine lock! We make your equipment management more convenient and profitable!