What passive electronic lock can bring to intelligent terminal?

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In the context of the Internet of Everything, intelligent terminal has been widely used, bringing a convenient life to everyone.

In the face of the general trend of intelligent development, major application scenarios have not only focused on the intelligent level, but also paid more attention to the safety and stability of their equipment, especially the locks used in intelligent terminals.

How can improve the safety of intelligent terminal? Xiamen MAKE Security Technology, a lock manufacturer  from China, gives the answer.With the efforts of MAKE researchers, a new passive electronic lock M5 has been developed to protect the safety of intelligent terminal .

How does MAKE Passive Electronic Lock M5 protect the security of intelligent terminal, and what can it bring to intelligent terminal? Follow me~

There is no doubt that the first thing that passive electronic lock M5 can bring to smart terminals is safety.M5 adopts a controllable access method, and the key is electronically programmed to open only specific locks.

The addition of M5 electronic functions makes intelligent terminal smarter.M5 and it is very convenient to set up. You can set password keys and functions only through the APP. The lock information can be used for system management, which makes it smarter while guarding the security of the intelligent terminal.

M5 also brings convenience to the management of intelligent terminals. There are three levels of management: admin key , manager key, and user key. The three-level management system gives  managers different usage rights, which not only makes the management more convenient, but also more secure.

M5 has been widely used in intelligent terminal such as vending machines, ATM, to escort the safety of intelligent terminals. If you are interested in MAKE Passive Electronic Lock M5, please contact us.