What cam lock is the best for kiosk?

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Kiosk is a device that is often used in life. There are various shapes and sizes are used in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, railway stations and airports.It not only provides customers with convenient and fast self-service, but also greatly reduces operating costs, improves service quality, and is an effective guarantee for automated business processing.
Just like the unmanned retail vending machine, the long-term stable operation of the self-service kiosk is inseparable from the security guard of the lock.So, what kind of cam lock is best to use for self-service kiosks? Let’s  discuss today~
No matter what kind of self-service kiosk equipment, since it needs to provide services to the public in public places, it needs to use a safer lock to provide security for it.Because the cost of a self-service kiosk is high, not to mention it may affect many business transactions.Therefore, safety is the first point of kiosk when choosing a cam lock.

First, it is best to use a cam lock with a better surface treatment for kiosk.The surface treatment of the lock not only affects the appearance and aesthetics of the lock, but also affects the service life.For example, a cam lock with exquisite craftsmanship is not only beautiful and elegant, but also waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and has a longer service life.
Second, it is best to use a cam lock with a master key for Kiosk. For a store, it may be more convenient to manage kiosk, but for places with huge traffic such as airports and stations, the management of kiosk equipment is not simple.So, for places with many kiosk equipment, the cam lock with a master key can make the management of the equipment easier.
MAKE tubular cam lock MK101BS combines the above advantages into one, which can fully meet your kiosk lock needs.

MK101BS is equipped with a tubular key system, which can be used for 4 or 7 pins, with high safety; the surface is treated with bright chromium and bright nickel processes, and each process has undergone strict production inspection and quality control;MK101BS can also be equipped with a master key, which makes the management of kiosk more convenient and simple.

Kiosk will appear on more occasions to provide convenience for everyone. Choosing makelocks cam lock will bring more new surprises to your kiosk equipment! Please contact us for details!