MAKE vending machine lock, help vending machine to be safer

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With the advancement of technology, various self-service vending machines have entered everyone's field of vision.Abundant products and a 24-hour sales model bring many conveniences to everyone.


With the growth of vending machines, correspondingly, various supporting facilities are complete. One of them is the vending machine lock.As the gatekeeper of the vending machine, it not only provides security for the equipment, but also an important channel for the staff to replenish and update the internal goods in time. Its security cannot be ignored.

As a company dedicated to providing security, it is our mission and our obligatory responsibility to provide security for all kinds of vending machines.

Makelocks has more than ten years of experience in the production and research of vending machine locks. We have advantages in the development, manufacturing and service of vending machine locks, which can provide customers with one-stop security solutions , realize product customization, and meet the various needs of customers in multiple dimensions.
MAKE's new Japanese-style vending machine lock is made of zinc alloy material with bright chrome and bright nickel surface treatments. The appearance is simple, smooth as a mirror, highlighting high-end grades; comfortable hand feel, and good user experience.

The lock is equipped with security structures such as tubular key system and dimple key system. The key combination can reach more than 10,000. It has good anti-theft and anti-prying effects, and can effectively ensure the safety and stable operation of the equipment.

In the daily operation of vending machines, timely replenishment of shortage goods is an important task. For the convenience of the staff, we specially designed the lock.It adopts automatic pop-up, no matter it is unlocking or locking, it is very convenient and effortless.

MAKE vending machine locks cover a variety of styles of European, Japanese, and American styles, with comprehensive types, strong safety performance, and wide application scenarios. If you have more needs, we can also provide you with customized services, please consult the official website for details!