Tablet locks——types and characteristics

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Tablet lock is a common type of lock used to protect the security of the tablet. Whether it is a personal tablet or a tablet displayed in a shopping mall, there is a tablet lock to protect their safety.
For tablet computers, tablet lock is one of the key factors to protect its security. Therefore, the correct choice of tablet lock will be very important to the protection of the tablet.
With the increasing demand for tablet security protection, tablet locks need to be improved in both technology and production processes. This is why lock manufacturers continue to develop new tablet locks for their customers. The following are the commonly used types of tablet locks. You can choose the best for yourself.
01:cam lock
The cam lock is a more commonly used lock. Such as the small cam lock MK101BS. The lock body is small in size and equipped with a tubular key system for high security.
In addition, there is a mini-type cam lock M4, with a minimum diameter of 10mm; the number of combination can reach more than 40,000, and it can also be used as a master key management system, so the safety performance is very high and it is widely used. This lock has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.
02:push lock
Push lock is a lock that is locked horizontally by pressing. Push locks are generally small in size, but do not take up much space, so they look quite beautiful and are in harmony with the tablet as a whole. In order to improve the security of the push lock, Metco has equipped the push lock with a tubular key system and an Ambler key system for higher security.

Tablet lock needs to have the following characteristics:
1. It is small in size and can be perfectly integrated with the tablet
2. Strong anti-theft, to ensure that the tablet will not be stolen during use or display
3. Unlock smoothly, you can quickly take out the tablet when you need it

There are some types and characteristics of tablet locks. When choosing a tablet lock, we need to consider many things. If you want to know more or have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we will provide you with more such information.