What are the advantages of the lock cylinder?

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The lock cylinder is one of the commonly used lock cylinders in industrial locks. The structure is very simple, and the platy parts with different numbers of combination are composed of wafer, and they are combined into a certain order.

The lock cylinder generally has a key groove,when the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the wafers can be controlled to be level, so that the lock cylinder can rotate smoothly in the lock shell to achieve the purpose of unlocking.

In the industrial field, the amount of lock cylinder is relatively large, which mainly has the following advantages:

The first is a combination of wafer, which has strong stability, will not change the performance of the lock due to environmental influences, and has a long service life.

Second, the structure is simple. When the lock cylinder is damaged, it can be easily replaced;

The lock cylinder can reduce the use cost of the lock, and can be used on a large scale.

Next, we will introduce to you one cam lock that use flat key system lock cylinder.

MK104-12 is a small-size flat key lock, made of high-quality zinc alloy material, and the surface is treated with bright chromium and bright nickel.

In addition to the advantages of convenient installation and low price, this lock is unique in that the key is designed with double-sided key cutting, with low mutual opening rate and guaranteed safety.

As a professional and well-known lock company, we will continue to uphold the mission of providing security, combining market and customer needs, and constantly innovating to provide you with more high-quality lock cylinders!