MAKE vending machine electronic lock

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Vending machines are automated machines from which consumers can purchase various products and services upon payment. At present, there are various electronic locks for vending machines on the market. Among them, MAKE vending machine electronic lock is the most cost-effective.

MAKE vending machine electronic lock has several characteristics:

vending machine lock 
MAKE vending machine electronic lock adopts technologies such as 5G + cloud platform + Bluetooth, which greatly improves the security; the lock status can be transmitted to the customer management platform through the feedback line.

Efficient operation:
MAKE vending machine electronic locks make up for the shortcomings of mechanical vending machine locks, such as inconvenient unlocking and low management efficiency. 
With the addition of intelligent technology, it can be quickly unlocked with just a touch of the mobile phone, and the door opening and closing time has been reduced from "15 seconds" to "1 second", which is more convenient to use and more efficient to manage.

Record tracking:
MAKE vending machine electronic locks are equipped with management software, lock status and unlock records will be recorded one by one, including use time, personnel, etc.

When an abnormal situation occurs in the vending machine, the relevant responsible person can be found by retrieving records to prevent internal employee theft.
MAKE vending machine electronic lock perfectly solves the problem of internal and external theft of vending machines and greatly improves the security of property. 
It is an electronic lock designed and developed from the perspective of customers. Choose MAKE ,we will reply your trust with high-quality products!