How do we improve the security of the cash box lock?

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In ATM machines and self-service terminal equipment, the cash box is an essential device for safely storing cash and banknotes. With the widespread use of ATM machines and self-service, higher security demands are placed on the locks used in cash box.

As a cash box lock manufacturer and supplier, how do we improve the security of cash box locks? So we're going to explain in detail how we deal with that through our self-developed mini cam lock M4.
1. Research and development of safety structure
In order to meet the high security requirements of the cash box, MAKE Lock Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of funds to independently develop the new safety lock M4. 
M4 adopts a new key system design. The key is milled on both sides. The lock cylinder and lock hole are different from ordinary cam locks, which improves the anti-technical opening ability of the cash box.

2. Increase the number of key combination
While developing new safety structures, we have also increased the number of key combination. Before that, although there were small-sized cash box locks on the market, the number of key combination was mostly less than 500, which was under the daily security requirements.
After spending a lot of R&D investment, MAKE finally broke through the problem of key combination, and finally achieved 46,000 key combination,which solves the problems of low safety and high opening rate of mini cashbox lock.

3. Increase the master key system
 In the face of ATM and self-service terminal equipment, the most troublesome problem is the management of the lock of the cash box. Once the number of ATMs and self-service terminals to be managed increases, management becomes more and more difficult and management efficiency decreases.

We have added a master key system for M4, only one master key can open the cash box locks on different devices, realizing the function of "one key for multiple openings", and the management efficiency is greatly improved.

MAKE obtained the patent in 2020. Up to now, we have helped many customers solved the safety, use and management of cash box locks. After use, they expressed their approval for this lock product.

If you are looking for a high security cash box lock, please contact us!