What type of lock goes in claw machine?

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When we walk into a mall, we always see shiny machines full of dolls. As long as you spend one or two yuan, you can get a chance to catch the doll. As demand changes, these claw machines have evolved into blind box machines, lipstick machines and so on.

Behind the leisure and entertainment that the claw machine provides us, the small roles cannot be ignored. It is the claw machine lock used to protect the safety of internal goods and machines. It not only provides a pleasant experience for claw machine enthusiasts, but also reassures operators, and plays an important role in the operation of claw machines.

What type of lock goes in claw machine? In this article, we will introduce you to the main types of locks used on claw machines.

Tubular locks are commonly used mechanical locks for claw machines. The tubular lock cylinder is unique, the upper and lower rows of pins are distributed in a ring, the key is tubular with large key combination, and can be used in places with higher safety requirements.

At present, MAKE tubular lock includes two specifications of seven copper marbles and ten copper marbles, which can make tens of thousands of keys and have high security. We can also design anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs to enhance the safety factor of the lock, and at the same time, it can be used as a universal system to facilitate the maintenance and management of the claw machine.

In addition to tubular locks, claw machines can also try to use vending machine locks to provide more adequate security. As a solution provider for vending machine locks, MAKE vending machine locks include smart vending machine locks, mechanical vending machine locks and T-handle locks, covering various types such as American, Japanese and European styles, with mature technology and matching High precision, safe and reliable, can bring solutions for the safety and management of claw machines.

In short, no matter how the claw machine is refurbished, the safety and management of the equipment are very important, and  buy the claw machine lock must be cautious. The lock manufacturer MAKE  Security Technology provides you with tubular cam locks, vending machine locks and other locks that can be used to protect the safety of the claw machine, so that the operation of the claw machine will last longer and continue to bring more stimulation to consumers with unknown results and surprise.