How does the card box lock solve the management problem?

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The card box is an important part of the self-service card issuing machine, which is widely used in finance, transportation, medical treatment, government affairs and other industries. In the self-service card issuing service, the security of the self-service card issuing machine is an essential element. At the same time, on-site manual management should be minimized to improve management efficiency.

As a storage device for cards during turnover and issuance, card boxes usually have high requirements for locks. On the one hand, locks are required to ensure the safety of the card box and prevent cards from falling out of the card box or being taken out illegally. On the other hand, it is also required that the card box lock can be easily managed. When encountering human factors or mechanical failures, the staff can quickly manage and maintain it.

The traditional cam lock can solve the safety problem of the card box, but it cannot meet the daily management needs of the card box. MAKE provides wireless smart lock solutions, which can help solve card box management problems and make card boxes serve the public more conveniently.

The wireless smart lock is equipped with an electronic lock cylinder with a built-in encryption chip. When unlocking, the electronic key is powered in reverse to complete authority identification, decoding and unlocking. Traditional keys are not needed during use, which solves the problems of easy forgetting and losing of mechanical lock keys.

Wireless smart locks are equipped with multi-level management levels, and the smart keys are remotely authorized through the platform, realizing the lock group management of "one key with multiple controls", helping the card box to realize information and intelligent management.

In addition, the wireless smart lock also has a controllable access function. Managers can set user access rights, access time, access personnel, etc., which is convenient for management and high in security.

The wireless smart lock can be equipped with a management platform, through which the relevant use information and data of the lock can be recorded at any time, the use and operation information can be seen at a glance, and the use trace query and tracking can be performed.

With the widespread use of self-service card issuing machines, it is believed that the management of card boxes will be a major pain point in the future. MAKE's wireless smart lock solution is dedicated to helping you solve the problem of card box management for self-service card issuing machines.