What is the working principle of wireless smart lock?

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Compared with the mechanical cam lock, the wireless smart lock is superior in unlocking mechanism, security, management and so on, because of the unique design of the wireless smart lock.

As we all know, the power supply of the wireless smart lock is designed on the key, so that the lock body itself can work normally without an external power supply.
It uses a unique electronic key to deliver unlocking instructions.When the electronic key is inserted into the lock, the circuit in the lock is activated by physical contact, so as to realize the control of the unlock operation.
Specifically, the working principle of the wireless smart lock includes:

• The lock body is integrated with an electronic identification module, which can read and verify the information in the electronic key.
• The electronic key contains a specific encoding conversion mechanism that can be inserted into the lock body to trigger mechanical action inside the lock.
• During the unlocking process, no battery or other continuous power supply device is required, and only the code of the electronic key is used to complete the unlocking process.

M5 is a wireless smart lock from lock supplier MAKE.It is equipped with electronic lock cylinder.The lock body has no power, no wiring, reverse power supply by the key, complete the authority identification, decoding and unlocking.

It is obvious that M5 has three major advantages: key power supply, which solves the problem that the general electronic lock needs to be charged;No wiring, easy installation;Small size, wider application range than other electronic locks.

It is worth mentioning that M5 has three management levels: master, sub-master, user key, and can record every unlocking moment at any time, which is not only convenient for systematic management , but also realize controllable and traceable user access.

It can be said that the wireless smart lock provides more possibilities of cam lock function.If you are interested in the M5 wireless smart lock, or want to know more about it, please contact us.