How to upgrade the safety factor of ATM safe lock?

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As a crucial barrier to banking security, ATM locks face various security challenges on a daily basis. Among these, safe locks undoubtedly stand as the cornerstone of ATM security systems, their pivotal role unquestionable.

MK-E310 is a ATM safe lock from lock supplier MAKE, it can show you in detail how it continuously improves lock security from anti prying design to password protection, functionality, and other aspects, providing a comprehensive protection for financial assets.

1. Excellent anti prying ability
Crafted specifically for securing cash within ATMs, MK-E310 safe lock is a robust all-metal construction that endures the test of time. With ingenious anti-violence and anti-impact designs, it effectively thwarts illegal prying and impact, significantly heightening the difficulty of unauthorized intrusion and ensuring cash security.

2.Revolutionary Password Security
In contrast to traditional dial or key locks,MK-E310 employs 6 to 9-digit code, offering more key combinations. Users can enhance identity verification security by constantly altering their password sequences. The powerful password protection mechanism makes ATM machines feel like they are in an impregnable password fortress, greatly reducing the risk of being cracked.

3. Diverse functions and user-friendly design
In addition to basic security features, MK-E310 also has three intelligent features to win market favor:
 • Automatic-relock: Automatically relocks after 4 seconds of being opened by a valid code.
• Time delay: Time delay opening from 0-99minutes, catering to individualized requirements.
• Memory function: After changing the battery,data won’t be lost.

Furthermore, MK-E310 possession rugged and durable structure,with all metal lock body 100,000 times mechanical life cycles. It has two user codes, which can accommodate up to 9 users at the same time, strengthens password permission management, and ensures that only legally authorized personnel can access cash.

MK-E310 undergoes a comprehensive safety enhancement, safeguarding the security of ATM machines. If you want to inquire further about ATM lock details, please contact us!