All information about the cam lock for smart terminals

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The cam lock is one of the common industrial locks. Since it was invented by Volker Gelk of Canada in 1985, the cam lock has been widely used in the industrial field and has a long history.
When the cam is rotated to a certain angle, it can be locked and unlocked. The operation is simple and clear, and it can be quickly locked and unlocked, which is very convenient for daily life.
As we can see, the Cam Locks is probably one of the most flexible locks ever made. With the development of the times, the lock industry is surging. Although the cam lock is widely used, the attention has been weakened, and the market is gradually being eaten by smart electronic locks.

In the process of continuous upgrade of cam locks, MAKE is also actively exploring and developing cam locks that meet market needs. 

In response to different market needs, makelocks has independently developed a variety of different types of cam locks, such as M1-LOCK, which adopts a clever design of the smart Disc & Tumbler structure, not only the key shape novel and beautiful, the number of key combination is as many as 3.4 billion, which can fully meet the safety needs of consumers.
M3-LOCK has a new design of the key system, which has high security, can prevent prying, drilling, and technical opening. It has obtained patents in China, the United States and Germany, and has passed the C-level certification.
We can not only provide cam locks, but also keypad locks, Vending machine locks,Wireless smart locks,push locks ,handle locks,etc. For more information, please contact us!