What cam locks can be used for self-service ticket vending machines to improve security?

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In real life, self-service ticket vending machines can serve people well, and the service efficiency is very high, providing everyone with a humanized, technological, and diversified experience. However, the self-service ticket vending machine has become the "cash machine" in the eyes of many thieves.
Take the existing self-service ticket vending machine cash box locks as an example. Most self-service ticket vending machine cam locks have a large number of shortcomings, such as poor security performance, criminals can open well, poor anti-theft function, and staff management maintenance is inconvenient, which greatly reduces the practicability of the self-service ticket vending machine.
In order to better solve the application problem of cam locks in the field of self-service ticket vending machines, the editor deliberately counted several main functional requirements of the current market for the use of locks in self-service ticket vending machines:
1. Security requirements: self-service ticket vending machines are located in public areas, are frequently used, and have high security requirements for cam locks;
2. Convenient management: It is often impossible to have only one self-service ticket vending machine. It is often necessary for staff to count the coins in it or maintain and manage internal equipment in time. Therefore, the cam locks used by the self-service ticket vending machine need to be convenient for the staff to use. "one key to open multiple locks" management  function;
3. Special requirements: Some self-service ticket machines are located outdoors, facing wind, sun and rain, and locks need to have a certain degree of moisture and corrosion resistance;

By summarizing the above requirements, it is not difficult to find that the self-service ticket vending machine cam lock must not only have high security performance, but also have a master key system, and even be waterproof and moisture-proof.

We provide you with a high-security cam lock suitable for self-service ticket vending machines for your reference!
MK101BS is a small-size tubular cam lock series, which is the classic of MAKE's small cam locks. Its lock body and key are small and exquisite. There are a variety of cams to choose from. It is made of zinc alloy and the surface has been treated with professional processes such as bright chromium and bright nickel. It can maintain good performance even in humid outdoors.

The MK101BS tubular cam lock is equipped with a tubular key system, the key can be up to 10,000 or more, and can be used for 4 or 7 pins, which greatly improves the safety; At the same time, the MK101BS series tubular cam lock also has a master key system, one key can open multiple locks, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the staff in use.

In addition, MK101BS tubular cam lock is easy to install, cost-effective, and has a wide range of uses. In addition to self-service ticket vending machines, it can also be used in subway turnstiles, storage cabinets, advertising boxes, tool boxes, refueling equipment, display cabinets, etc.

Self-service ticket vending machines have now been widely used in our lives, and have even gradually replaced artificial windows. At self-service ticket machines, many transactions occur every day. Therefore, in order to make your self-service ticket vending machine more secure, we have provided you with the above information. If you need more information, or have any questions about the self-service ticket vending machine cam lock, please feel free to contact us.