The role of the lock plunger in the vending machine

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Everyone is familiar with vending machines.Today vending machines are not restricted to being just your standard on-the-go snack/drink dispensers. They have evolved greatly over the years and now vending machines are used for a multitude of retail items including, fresh food, hot food, frozen food, healthcare, beauty, electronic and even sanitary PPE products.

With the development of vending machines in full swing, especially in emerging models such as unmanned retail, there is nothing more important than the safety of vending machines. The vending machine lock and lock plunger not only guarantee the safety of your vending machine, but also facilitates your management of the vending machine to a certain extent, so that you can operate and maintain it.

In the following, Makelocks will provide some information and guidelines to help you further understand the role and function of the lock plunger of the vending machine.

As we all know, the safety of vending machine locks largely depends on the lock plunger it uses. The structure of the lock plunger, key system, secret key technology and function determine whether you will choose this vending machine lock.
Therefore, the lock plunger plays an important role in the vending machine.

MK203 is a special lock plunger for vending machine locks. MK203 is equipped with a tubular key system with a special anti-drilling steel ball designed by Makelocks. It has high security with it's special lock structure.
The adaptability of MK203 is also very high. It can be matched with various types of vending machine locks,such as American and Japanese styles. You don't need to worry about the problem of mismatching with the original lock shell when changing the lock plunger . Of course, MK203 has another big advantage: it is equipped with a master key, which makes the management of your vending machine more convenient.

In addition, the MK203 lock plunger has a wide range of applications. In unmanned vending machines, game consoles and advertising machines, MK203 can also be used as one of the commonly used lock plunger.