M1 LOCK—The better choice for ATM

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Talking about the ATM, I'm afraid no one will say they don't know it.ATM machine was called cross-era innovation by banking industry at the beginning of its birth. It exists to relieve the pressure of bank deposit and withdrawal. After all, it is convenient and fast to withdraw money through ATM, without 24 hours of staff on duty, which is efficient and labor cost saving.


However, it is also the unattended ATM that gives some lawbreakers an opportunity to take advantage of. Therefore, how to improve its security has never stopped trying and exploring.With the development of society and the progress of technology, the materials used in ATM, the internal structure, the ATM lock, and even the installed camera have been improved, and its security has been greatly improved. But , the ATM lock is the most helpful to the security .

As we all know, ATM lock is mostly used with cam lock, however, most cam locks can not meet the security requirements.In order to ensure the security, ATM machine suppliers and lock manufacturers try their best to enhance the security of ATM lock.With the continuous efforts of many lock manufacturers, ATM locks with high quality and high security are born one after another. M1 cam lock produced by Makelocks is a lock suitable for ATM.
 M1 is one of the utility model patent locks independently developed by MAKE, which is a hot-selling classic product.
It innovatively adopts the design concept of "disc in disc". The design is ingenious and integrates multiple safety structures. It truly achieves anti drilling and anti prying, and improves the safety of the lock to a new height, providing safety guarantee for the use of customers' products. It has obtained three patents in China,US and Germany.

Because the number of key combination of flat cam lock often determines its mutual opening rate and safety.M1 has more than 10 billion key combination changes, which can completely realize the complete non opening between locks, with ultra-high security, fully meeting the security needs of ATM.

In terms of material and production technology, M1 is made of high-quality zinc alloy and processed by high-precision stamping process. High quality material selection and exquisite manufacturing technology make M1 have high quality, high safety, can adapt to different use environment, and have good room temperature mechanical properties and wear and corrosion resistance.

The ATM lock M1 of MAKE has high safety, moderate price, easy installation and wide range of use, and is well received by customers. If you want more information, please contact us.