The electronic safe lock,ensures financial terminal more secure

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If you want to say what is the most important thing in the financial terminal, it must be the safe.Different from daily safes, safes in financial terminals often have higher security requirements. For safety reasons, we need to take preventive measures to ensure the safety of its safes.

As we all know, for a financial terminal, the safety of the safe is very important.If the quality of the safe itself is one plane, then the safe lock is an important point when we choose a safe.
Once the safe lock is broken, or the safe key is copied, it is equivalent to directly destroying the "heart" of the safe anti-theft mechanism. Therefore, the choice of safe locks is also very important for the safes of financial terminals.

Make has devoted itself to the research and development of the electronic safe lock M5 that can be used in financial terminal safes to help improving security and make them more convenient to manage.
M5 is the first intelligent electronic cam lock independently developed by MAKE. From the appearance , M5 does not seem to be much different from ordinary cam locks. But you must not underestimate it, its function and safety are quite different! Let's take a look at the advantages of M5~

High security and easy to set up
M5 is a brand new electronic lock, you only need to install a battery on the electronic key to use the lock.The keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks,which has high security.In terms of setting, M5 is also very simple. You only need to set the key code and function through the App, which is very convenient.

Convenient three-level management
M5 has three management levels: admin, manager, and user key. When you accidentally lose your key, you can use a higher-level key to unlock it; in addition, this method is also very suitable for managing the safes of multiple financial terminals.

Convenient to track and query
Make has also made improvements in other aspects of M5: it adopts a controlled access method and uses a record system for system management. If someone opens safe privately, you can find its information and records in the system.

The above are some of the functions and advantages of the safe lock M5. Make provides you with a variety of electronic safe locks, which can provide 100% security for your financial terminal equipment, while making your equipment smarter. If you are interested in us, please go to the product center for more information, we welcome your inquiries! For more information, the hotline: 0592-6360091.