What are the types and characteristics of push locks?

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Push locks are one of the commonly used locks for tablets. In some large electronic shopping malls, push locks are often used on the brackets of electronic products to protect the safety of electronic products. So,what are the types of push locks? What are their characteristics?

Unlike the cam lock,the push lock is a lock that is horizontally locked by pressing.The main features of the push lock are threefold:

First, the volume is small, the installation space is small, and the overall aesthetics will not be affected.

Second, it is easy to use. When using the push lock, it can be locked by simply pressing, and the operation is convenient. The third is the high cost performance and the service life is longer.

The Makelocks push lock is made of zinc alloy, and the surface is treated with bright chromium, bright nickel and other processes. According to the different lock cylinder structure, push locks can be divided into the following types:

Tubular push lock: The lock is using Tubular Key system. It can be designed with anti-drilling steel balls. The key combination is more than 10,000, which can effectively prevent the lock from damage and technical opening.

Disc key push lock: The lock is using disc key system, which has excellent anti-theft performance. The opening of the lock mainly relies on the rotating of the key, which has high anti-theft performance, large number of key combination. Disc push locks can be used in places with harsh environments and high anti-theft requirements.

Flat key push lock:the lock is using flat key system.The function lock is simple,and the unlocking experience is smooth.

Reliable locks,optimal choice.Makelocks has a wide variety of push locks, high cost performance, guaranteed quality, and support on-demand customization, which can meet the various needs of customers, and is trusted and praised by customers.