What should we pay attention to when choosing iPad holder lock?

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With the development of the times, iPad is widely used in information desks, interactive restaurant ordering, and hospital entertainment facilities to provide everyone with a convenient and fast experience.At the same time, more and more brackets or devices for carrying or supporting iPad are also accepted by people.
The iPad holder is mainly used to firmly fix the device and prevent theft while providing convenience for the user.As an important line of defense to protect iPad safety in public places, the choice of iPad holder lock cannot be careless.When we choose iPad holder lock, what should we pay attention to?
Safe and reliable
In many usage scenarios, the iPad holder lock is a perfect solution for any place where anti-theft capabilities are prioritized.Generally, iPad holders use mechanical locks to achieve anti-theft purposes.When choosing, we need to carefully examine the product technology of these mechanical locks, the lock structure, and the brand's manufacturing and R&D capabilities.
Small and exquisite
The size of the iPad holder is usually not very large, so the choice of holder lock should be as small and exquisite as possible.This will not affect the beauty of the iPad, and increase the weight of the device, making it more comfortable for customers or users to use.

Smooth unlocking
In the electronic shopping mall display area, the iPad is not always fixed on the bracket, and occasionally the product needs to be removed to let customers experience the charm of the product.Therefore, for this use scenario, the unlocking of the iPad holder lock needs to be smooth enough, even in the case of frequent unlocking for a long time, it will not affect the unlocking experience.
Considering the above factors, we recommend MAKE push locks to you.It is a lock that can be locked horizontally by pressing. It is small in size, but does not take up much space, and is quite aesthetic, and it is in harmony with the tablet as a whole.

In order to improve the security of the push lock, MAKE push lock is equipped with a tubular key system and a disc key system, which are more secure and make your iPad device more secure!

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology has many years of production and research and development experience in the field of locks. Through ODM, OEM, JDM multi-angle to meet the various needs of customers.Make iPad holder lock is of high quality and cost-effective, which can ensure your tablet is safe anywhere.