What are the advantages of electronic safe locks?

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In a rapidly changing world, technological progress can give us advantages. This is undoubtedly true for modern functions, safe deposit boxes and gun safe deposit boxes. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic safe locks.

What is an electronic safe lock?

In the same way as traditional locks, electronic safe locks are mainly opened by entering a combination of passwords.When the correct combination is entered, the end of the electronic safe lock will automatically shrink and allow the handle to turn so that you can open the safe door.

MAKE's high-security electronic safe lock is one of the new products . The appearance is simple but fashionable.The lock body is made of zinc alloy material, which is treated with a special process, rich in metallic texture, strong and durable.

Advantages of electronic safe lock

Advantage 1: Safe and reliable
In terms of safety functions, electronic locks undoubtedly occupy an advantageous position. This is also true for electronic safe locks. You can improve the safety and reliability of the safe by setting a 6-9 digit password.

At the same time, this lock also has a Wrong Entry Penalty function and a self-locking function. When the wrong password is entered 4 times in a row, it will automatically lock; and within 4 seconds after entering the password, if you do not unlock it, it will automatically locked, don’t worry about security issues.

Advantage 2: Easy to operate
The electronic safe lock is the most user-friendly lock for safes or gun safes. On the one hand, the electronic safe lock does not require a key or manual rotation, which is easy to operate and saves time to open the safe.You can change the password in time when you need it, no need to ask the safe locksmith for help. What's more, there are LED lights for you to unlock and low voltage reminder, which makes your daily use more convenient.

Advantage 3: Longer service life
Compared with traditional safe locks, MAKE electronic safe locks have a longer service life. On the one hand, it is made of zinc alloy material, which is strong and durable, with less wear and tear, and its standby life can be as long as 3 years. On the other hand, the structure of the electronic safe lock is not easy to change, which affects the normal use of the lock.
As safes faces upgrades, electronic safe locks will become the best choice. Make's electronic safe lock has passed UL2058 certification, and its products and functions have reached industry standards.If you are interested in us, please go to the product center for more information, we welcome your inquiries! For more information, the hotline: 0592-6360091.