What security locks can be used for card dispensing kiosk?

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Currently, various self-service terminals have become a trend, and the demand continues to increase,including card dispensing kiosk.

The card dispensing kiosk improves the efficiency of card application, reduces the pressure on the counter, and helps merchants improve service efficiency and provide more customers with better services.
Because the card dispensing kiosk is typically run 24 hours a day, and expensive equipment, no one on duty at any time, there are high demands on security and reliability.As the safety eye of card dispensing kiosk, we are bound to choose safe and reliable locks to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

what cam locks that can be used by the self-service card issuing machine? Makelocks will provide you with answers.
Tubular cam lock: The opening of the lock is controlled mainly by the internal structure, and the safety performance is better. The lock can also be customized according to the needs of customers and equipped with anti-drilling steel balls, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

Pin lock: We has made improvements on the basis of the pin lock. There are a row of pins on both sides of the lock cylinder. The number of key combination is larger than that of ordinary pin locks and the safety factor is higher. The keys can be inserted and removed smoothly and feel better.
Flat cam lock: a lock that uses metal blades to control the rotation of the inner lock core. Make's M1 and M3 have high security levels and excellent anti-theft performance, which brings the safety of blade cam locks to a higher level.
Vending machine lock :In addition to being used on vending machines, it can also be used for various intelligent terminal devices. Make vending machine locks have various styles, and can be equipped with tubular, double-sided pin and Abloy structure lock cylinders, which are safe and reliable.

The card dispensing kiosk provide us with 24h uninterrupted service, and we also need to use security locks to provide 24h protection for them. Make provides several locks making card dispensing kiosk safer!