Push lock:the easiest lock to use

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The push lock is mainly composed of a lock shell, a lock cylinder, and a spindle. It can be closed by simply pushing the cylinder into the position,which is the easiest lock to use.

As a commonly used security accessory, the advantages of push locks mainly include the following: simple to use, quick locking and opening; small size, less space, and wider application range; exquisite appearance.

The push lock is equipped with a variety of key systems, including tubular key system, flat key system, dimple key system , which are safe and reliable.The locks come in several finishes including Satin Nickel, Chrome, and other finishes. They are available in Brass and Zinc Alloy.

For a simple locking solution, check out our Push Locks. With push locks, you only need push the cylinder into the lock to lock! Great for cabinets, filing systems and other applications! Check out our full range of Push Locks today!