What should we pay attention when choosing a gambling lock?

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Gambling machines are a fun way to pass the time. Wherever there are people, there are gambling machines.With simple operations and colorful content, gambling machine quickly occupied bars, casinos and even small retail outlets on the street, attracting people to continuously pour change into the flashing coin slot.

Different from the psychology of players who want to get happiness and rich, for gambling machine operators, they pay more attention to the safety and operation.

Therefore, they are more keen to choose a "just right" lock, because a good lock can act as their eyes for 24 hours to ensure the safety and keep it running continuously,bring more lucrative profits.

So, how to choose a gambling lock? First of all, pay attention to its key management system. The key system not only determines the shape of the keyhole, but also determines the number of key combination, which is the mutual opening rate.MAKE MK200 has a tubular key system, the key combination can reach more than 10,000, and the safety factor is higher than other gambling  locks.
Secondly, pay attention to the material. MK200 is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and the surface is nickel-plated and bright chromium treated, which has the advantages of high precision, corrosion resistance and rust prevention.

Finally,we should pay attention to the lock body and other accessories. MK200 has a solid T-bar with anti-drilling steel bar. There are a total of ordinary T-bars, solid T-bars, T-bars with anti-drilling steel bars, and three kinds of nuts (normal nut, locked nut and control nut) for you to choose from.Gently push the T-bar, it can be locked by the handle, convenient and safe.

In addition, you can also choose whether you need to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs. The anti-drilling steel balls will more effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

Makelocks provides you with a variety of gambling machine locks, which can provide 100% security for your equipment, so that  continue to have an unstoppable charm!