M4——a cam lock that ensure the safety of the cash box

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The cash box is an important part of intelligent terminals. With the wide application of intelligent terminals, its safety and importance are self-evident.

In the past, many cash drawers were equipped with a cam lock to ensure the safety of the cash drawer, or when some unexpected situations occurred, it was convenient for everyone to use a mechanical key to open the cash drawer.

However, with the upgrading of the security requirements of intelligent terminal devices, the traditional cam locks with simple structure and low security level can no longer meet the requirements of smart terminal devices.Moreover, problems such as poor quality and short service life of locks will also affect the work of intelligent terminal devices. The cash box need to be equipped with higher-quality locks.

Xiamen MAKE is a well-known lock company that focuses on the research and development and design of locks. We invest a lot of R&D funds and advanced production equipment, and has a series of cam locks with high quality and high security, which can be used for intelligent terminals.

M4 is a small mini cam lock.With a new key system design, it is very compact, and the minimum diameter of 10mm, so it does not take up much space in the cash box.

After being treated with bright chromium and bright nickel, its surface is very smooth and exudes a shiny metallic luster. This characteristic enables it to resist wear and rust.

The highlight of M4 is its high safety performance, which fills the gap in the small safety lock market. The number of key combination can reach more than 40,000, which is much higher than the current locks of the same size on the market.
In addition, master key system is available of M4, one key can manage multiple locks, which is very convenient for the management of the intelligent terminal cash box. M4 has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.

With the continuous progress of society, convenient and fast self-service terminal equipment will be more and more applied to people's daily life. Our lock company will continue to increase the R&D and investment in locks to provide customers with more safe and high-quality cash box locks!