How to make vending machines safer? Lock plunger is actually very important!

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Vending machines have been around us for many years. They are scattered in the streets and lanes of various cities, bringing more direct convenience to everyone. With the development of the times, vending machines have become an important tool for unmanned retail.

However, since vending machines store a large amount of money paid for purchasing goods, they have become the target of some thieves and often encounter theft problems. In order to prevent theft from happening, many operators need to choose a fairly secure vending machine lock to ensure that the vending equipment is more secure. How to choose a safer and more reliable vending machine lock?

Generally speaking, the safety of vending machine locks often depends on the lock plunger it uses. According to the structure of the lock plunger, it can be divided into dimple、disc and flat lock plunger. Today, we will introduce to you a tubular lock plunger from Make.
MK203 is a special lock cylinder for vending machine locks. Its keyhole and key are both tubular.When we insert the key into the lock hole, if the key is correct, we can push the pin in the lock body into place, release the limit between the lock plunger and the lock shell, so that it can rotate the bolt to unlock the lock, otherwise if the key is wrong, the lock cannot be unlocked.

Its safety performance is not inferior to other locks, and it can be widely used to lock various American, Japanese and other types of vending machines. Because the key combination is more than 10,000, and it comes with anti-drilling steel ball, it has a high safety factor, and it can be used as the lock plunger of the unmanned vending machine to avoid hidden safety hazards.

To determine whether or not lock plungers are right for your vending machine, reach out to Make lock manufacturer with the details of your operation.