How to prevent theft of mask vending machine?

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In the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are essential to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The mask vending machine provides us with a smart and safe solution that can ensure that we get masks anytime.Currently, mask vending machines have been widely used in public places such as stations and communities to provide convenience for everyone.

While providing convenience to everyone, the safety of mask vending machines is not easy for us to ignore, especially the crowded place. Only by ensuring the safety of equipment can mask vending machines continue to provide services for everyone. Therefore, anti-theft locks for mask vending machines are indispensable.
European style vending machine lock MK220

We can provide you with anti-theft locks for mask vending machines. MKAE vending machine locks are made of precision quality, strong and durable, and have good anti-theft, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant effects in terms of safety.The design has American, Japanese and European styles. The appearance of the front is smooth as a mirror. It is more high-end and more suitable for the needs of mask vending machines.

New vending machine lock MK222

The opening and closing operations are also very convenient. When you want to close the vending machine door, just gently push the handle to quickly lock it.The lock has three kinds of nut: normal nut, locked nut and control nut, and a variety of nuts and linkage rods can be arbitrarily matched with higher safety factor.

We can also configure lock cylinders with different structures according to customers' requirements for security levels, such as tubular key system, dimple key system and disc key system, with various varieties, safety and reliability.
Now that COVID-19 is still raging, wearing a mask is an important way to help relieve the pressure of the epidemic. The lock of Make's vending machine allows the mask vending machine to continue to provide services for everyone.