Revolution and innovation ——electronic cam lock M5

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Traditional mechanical locks have been developed so far, and their performance has almost been interpreted to the extreme.

However, with the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, traditional locks can no longer meet the modern people's requirements for high reliability, high security, informationization and intelligence.

Traditional locks are simple in structure, high in mutual opening rate, and easy to be opened. In addition, the use and management of keys are also cumbersome, which not only brings difficulties to safety supervision, but also invisibly increases the operating costs of enterprises.

On the basis of mechanical locks, Xiamen MAKE Technology has innovated and upgraded the new electronic cam lock M5.This is an electronic cam lock, the appearance of the product is the same as the ordinary cam lock, but the electronic key can be unlocked without additional wiring. The user only needs to install a battery on the electronic key to use the lock.
No wiring required :
The lock itself does not have a battery, so it can be designed without power supply. By connecting the smart key for operation, it solves the problem of charging battery life that has attracted much attention in the practical application of ordinary electronic padlocks.

Accountability :
In the era of mechanical locks, the related use information and data of locks cannot be recorded, which poses hidden dangers to safety and is inconvenient for subsequent management.
M5 has added a controllable access function, and the user can perform system management based on the use record, with high security.

Multiple management levels:
M5 has designed a three-level management level, through the platform to remotely authorize the smart key, realizes the "one-key multi-control" lock group management, and meets the industry's demand for locks informatization and intelligence.

Easy to set up :
M5 can be set up only through a password or APP. Through a smart key or a mobile phone, the status of the switch lock and positioning information can be reported to the management platform in real time, so that the lock information is under control.

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