MAKE vending machine lock , makes the beverage vending machine safer

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The beverage vending machine lock is an important device, and its function is to protect the internal parts of the beverage machine and prevent the internal parts of the beverage machine from being lost.

Therefore, for beverage vending machines, the choice of locks is very important. MAKE provides you with one-stop security solutions.
As a professional provider of vending machine security solutions, we are committed to the design and research and development of vending machine locks, and have launched a series of high-quality and high-security automatic beverage machine lock products.

The beverage vending machine is made of refined quality, which is strong and durable, and has anti-theft, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant effects in terms of safety.

In order to let you have a better user experience, we have made improvements in operation according to customer needs. When you need to close it, you can quickly lock it by pushing the handle. There is nothing more convenient than this.
At the same time, beverage vending machine locks are equipped with three handles: ordinary T-handle, solid T-handle and T-handle with anti-drilling steel rod. There are also locked nuts, normal nuts and control rods, which can be locked by pushing the T handle, convenient and safe.

We can also configure lock cylinders of different structures according to customers' requirements for security levels, such as tubular key system, dimple key system and disc key system, with various varieties, safety and reliability.