T-handle lock——The security guardian of vending machine

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With the development of society, vending machines have entered our lives and are used by more and more industries.At the same time, the special operation mode also brings some problems: how to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment when unattended?How to achieve convenient operations and whether it can be perfectly matched with the equipment, these factors all affect the choice of vending machine locks.

MAKE is well aware of the pain points of the industry. After years of research and repeated verification, it has developed a variety of locks suitable for vending machines, and the T-handle lock is one of them.
vending machine lock 
The T—handle lock is made of zinc alloy material and has a variety of surface treatments. The appearance is atmospheric and high-grade; the design of the T-handle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate.When in use, push the T-handle to lock it, which is convenient and quick;equipped with a high-security key system, the safety is guaranteed.

There are three types of T-handle locks to choose from: ordinary/solid and with anti-drilling steel rod, all of which can normally meet the safety requirements of vending machines.For vending machines with high safety requirements, the anti-drilling steel rod T handle is more suitable.
vending machine lock 
With the development of vending machines, the difficulty of opening mechanical locks and the inconvenience of use have greatly affected the management efficiency of the equipment.In response to market demand, MAKE has developed new vending machine lock, using 5G and other new technologies to monitor the status of the lock at any time.
vending machine lock 
In order to improve the matching degree between the handle lock and the vending machine, MAKE adopts a standardized mounting hole design, which can match most vending machine equipment on the market, and it is very convenient whether it is installed or replaced.

MAKE will focus on the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing services of T—handle locks,and committed to providing adequate security for vending machines.