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A gambling machine is a machine designed or modified for gambling, also known as a slot machine, fruit machine, or jackpot machine.Whether on the street corners of the city or in large casinos, gambling machines can be seen everywhere, bringing a lot of joy to everyone.
I don't know if you have noticed that the most gambling machine locks are tubular locks.Why does this phenomenon occur? In this article, we'll tell you the reasons why a tubular lock is commonly used on gambling machines, and its security secrets.
tubular lock 
The name tubular lock comes from the circular shape of the keyway. It has a basic ring-shaped hole with a solid metal cylinder in the middle. In the ring gap, there can be anywhere from six to eight pins (most often they have seven or eight),and ensure the necessary concentricity.

Due to this special structure, the anti-theft performance is good, and even technical opening and destruction can be achieved. In addition, the price is low and cost-effective, so it is very suitable for gambling machines (especially those in large casinos).
MAKE lock factory can design anti-drilling steel balls according to customer requirements to enhance the safety factor of locks.At present, the tubular lock includes seven or and ten pins. There are tens of thousands of key combination in the industry, which can fully meet the security requirements of gambling machines.

In addition, the tubular locks of the MAKE Lock Factory can also be equipped with master keys and management systems.When managers are managing and maintaining, they only need to carry a key with them to manage a large number of gambling machines, which reduces the trouble of finding corresponding keys and improves management efficiency.

It is with the above points that the tubular lock stands out from many industrial locks and becomes a common lock for gambling machines. If you want to know more gambling machine locks, please contact us in time.