What are the main locks used in financial terminals?

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With the development of technology and the financial industry, the  self-service financial terminal has become a trend, and the demand is increasing.
As the security guardian of financial terminals, the role of locks is very critical. Then, in the application scenario, where are locks used, and what kind of locks are they more suitable for?

Cash box lock
The cash box is an important device in financial terminals, and it is used to store a large amount of cash inside.Generally speaking, the cash box is the most likely to become the target of theft. Therefore, the cash box lock has higher security requirements, and has functions such as anti-theft, anti-prying and technical opening.

Cash box lock 
We offer high security patented cam locks designed to secure financial terminal cash boxes.The patented cam lock adopts a new key system design. Compared with the previous mechanical cam lock, the structure is more complicated. It can be more anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-technical opening while ensuring anti-theft.

Safe lock
For financial terminals, the status of the safe is self-evident, and its security requirements can also be imagined. The safe lock of the financial terminal must not only protect the security of internal assets to the greatest extent, but also realize intelligent and efficient management.

Safe lock 
MAKE electronic safe lock adopts the method of key unlocking, and improves the safety of the safe by setting a 6-9-digit password. Once the wrong password is entered four times in a row, it will automatically lock for 5 minutes, with a high safety factor.

At the same time, this combination lock has secondary management authority, which is convenient for the daily management of the safe. The combination lock is connected to the management platform, and managers can view the use information of the safe through the management platform, which can effectively avoid work mistakes and improve management efficiency.
Safe deposit box/chassis lock
Safe deposit box/chassis lock 
In the safe deposit box and case of the financial terminal, the common cam lock is mainly used. We provide the financial terminal with cam locks of flat, tubular, dimple and other structures, which can provide sufficient guarantee for the safety of safe deposit box / chassis.

In the future, financial terminal devices will be more and more widely used in our lives, bringing us more intelligent and humanized experiences. We will continue to innovate and strive to provide safer products and better services for the financial terminal field.