Why choose MAKE ticket vending machine lock?

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Today, ticket vending machine can be seen everywhere in our lives and provide us with a convenient and efficient self-service ticket collection solution.But at the same time, ticket vending machine also face some problems: especially the security system of the equipment, the management and maintenance of the equipment, the existence of these problems brings trouble to the operators.

With the high-security ticket vending machine locks, MAKE Lock Factory provides you with a one-stop solution. While improving the safety factor, it also helps everyone to easily manage the equipment, so that safety and management are no longer a problem for staff.

The ticket vending machine locks provided by MAKE can be summarized into the following two types:
High security cam lock:
The high-security cam locks provided by MAKE Lock Factory are mainly patented cam locks independently developed by the company. Based on the traditional mechanical cam lock, the structural optimization design is carried out to improve the anti-drilling, anti-pickling and anti-technical opening capabilities of the lock.

At the same time, MAKE can also design a master key system for the patented cam lock, with the function of "one key for multiple openings", which is convenient for the management.
Smart Electronic Lock
electronic cam locks 
We have also developed electronic cam locks with smart technology. It perfectly combines intelligent technology with mechanical, and has functions such as multi-level management authority, controllable access authority, remote control and background data recording.

The usage and operation are clear at a glance, and the usage trace can be queried and tracked, realizing intelligent, information-based and visual management.

MAKE is a professional lock factory, we have decades of experience in production and research and development in the lock industry. With modern production workshops and strong manufacturing capabilities, perfect quality system and strict quality control, we can provide you with one-stop security solutions and provide you with high-quality services in all aspects.

If you need more information about ticket vending machine lock , please contact us and look forward to your consultation~