Are China's key locks safe enough?

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Since key lock’s birth, it has been widely used in various fields to provide us with security. With the development of the times and the rise of smart locks, the functions of key locks can no longer meet the security needs of the majority of users, and we urgently need to upgrade their security. So, are China's key locks safe enough?

We will take the patented key lock independently developed by MAKE as an example to help you further understand the current security level of key locks in China.

One of the patent locks:M1-lock
M1-lock is one of the utility model patented locks independently developed by makelocks. It is based on the current user’s needs for key lock security, and innovatively adopt the design concept of "disc in disc ". 

The design is ingenious, integrating multiple security structures, with more than 10 billion key combiantion changes. It can truly be anti-drilling and anti-prying, and raise the safety of the lock to a new height. It's innovative design of the daughter and mother row plate lock has won the patent of China, the United States and Germany.

One of the patent locks:M3-lock
M3 is a small high-security cam lock independently developed. This is a simplified version of the disc tumbler lock, the key combination spend as much as 16 million. 

M3 can be anti-theft, anti-drilling, anti-prying and has multi-security mechanism equipped with unique key which can not easily be replicated. The lock has obtained many international patents. Although it is a patented lock, its cost is close to that of an ordinary lock, so its cost performance is very high.

In terms of material and production technology, MAKE patented lock uses high-quality zinc alloy materials, processed by high-precision stamping technology, and has exquisite manufacturing technology. 
The material selection and exquisite manufacturing technology give them high-quality, high-safety, adaptability to different use environments, and at the same time have good room temperature mechanical properties, wear and corrosion resistance.

 In addition to patented locks, we also have other high-quality key locks, such as dimple and wafer locks ,which can be widely used in cashboxes and lockers, not only at low prices, but also with better safety performance. If you are interested in our key locks, please contact us.