What are the types of MAKE cash box locks?

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The cash box is one of the basic configurations of the cash register system or self-service terminal. Whether it is a cash register, ATM machine or smart terminal, it is inseparable from the operation of the cash box.

As a device for storing large amounts of cash, the safety of the cash box is very important. Therefore, the choice of the cash box lock is also critical for the safekeeping of cash.

What are the locks that can be used to ensure the safety of the cash box? Follow me and we will introduce to you one by one~

Ordinary cam lock
Ordinary cam locks are the main locks used in cash box. According to the structure division, ordinary cam locks can be divided into flat key locks, tubular locks and disc locks.MAKE's cam lock is equipped with a high-security key structure, which can provide effective security for the cash box.

Patent cam lock
Patented locks are also commonly used locks for cash box. Compared with ordinary cam locks, patented locks have a more complex structure and a larger number of combination.
MAKE provides a small mini patented lock—M4, the smallest diameter can reach 10mm.The key combination can reach more than 40,000, and it can also be used as a master key management system, so the safety performance is very high and it is widely used.
Electronic cam lock
The electronic cam lock is an innovation and upgrade of the cam lock.The biggest feature is that it has no power supply. It can be used only by installing a battery on the electronic key, which is more convenient than ordinary electronic locks.
MAKE's electronic cam lock M5 has the advantages of no power design, multiple management levels, and easy setting. While providing security for the cash box, it also makes the device smarter and more convenient to use.
Whether it is a cash register system or financial equipment, the cash box will be an important part of it, and we need to provide adequate security for it. MAKE cash box locks have various types, comprehensive coverage and good security performance, which can fully meet your various needs. If you are interested, you can visit the official website to learn more!